CooperVision MyDay Daily 90 pack

CooperVision MyDay Daily 90 pack

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CooperVision MyDay Daily 90 pack

Smart Silicone chemistry: Silicone hydrogel taken to the next level.

This is MyDay®: Next-level silicone hydrogel lenses.

CooperVision® MyDay  lenses feature Smart Silicone™, a revolutionary breakthrough in lens chemistry that brings together everything your patients need for an exceptional overall 1-day experience: uncompromised all-day comfort, plus the healthier2 advantages of silicone hydrogel. 

Smart Silicone: Game-changing chemistry. 

Smart Silicone optimizes oxygen permeability in a lens that’s just 4.4% silicon—the lowest percentage of silicon found in a silicone hydrogel 1-day lens. By using less silicone, Smart Silicone leaves more room in the lens for comfort-enhancing moisture and enables a low modulus. In addition, Smart Silicone provides optimal softness while maintaining exceptional handling. Smart indeed.

 Lens Techology

Smart Silicone™-chemistry

Smart Silicone chemistry.

The revolutionary, hydrophilic, long-chain molecule at the heart of a superpermeable silicone hydrogel material.

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