Acuvue VITA 4 Weeks 6 Pack

Acuvue VITA 4 Weeks 6 Pack

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Acuvue VITA 4 Weeks 6 Pack

By maximizing and maintaining hydration throughout the lens, ACUVUE® VITA® Brand Contact Lenses are designed for superior, reliable comfort from week 1 to 4.

Our monthly contact lenses are available in 6 lenses per box.

The highest level of UV protection‡ available in a contact lens. ‡ Important UV information.

HydraMax™ Technology helps maximize and maintain hydration throughout the lens—providing lasting comfort throughout the month.


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Acuvue VITA 4 Weeks 6 Packs Technical Specifications

Recommended Replacement 1 Month DW
Wearing Schedule Daily Wear
Pack Size 6 and 12 Packs
ProprietaryTechnology HydraMax
Lens Material etafilcon C
Dk/t Value (edge corrected) 147 x 10^(−9)
Water Content 41%
Visibility Tint
Approximate UV Blocking*† Blocks~99.8% of UVB& 93.4% of UVA
I/O Mark
Orientation Mark No
Center Thickness (mm @ -3.00D) 0.070
BC (mm) / Dia (mm)
Power Range (D)
-0.50D to -12.00D
+0.50D to +8.00D
 (in 0.50D steps above ±6.00D)

-0.50D to -12.00D
+0.50D to +8.00D
 (in 0.50D steps above ±6.00D)