Acuvue Oasys MAX 1-Day Multifocal 30 Pack

Acuvue Oasys MAX 1-Day Multifocal 30 Pack

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Acuvue Oasys MAX 1-Day Multifocal 30 Pack

Life demands more from our eyes - adults now spend 13+ hours on digital screens.1 60% less blinking from looking at digital screens results in a compromised tear film and can impact comfort and vision.2,3 Blue-violet light is all around us all day and blue-violet light scatter impacts visual clarity.4 These intense demands are even more troubling for the aging eye. Accommodation declines, the tear film becomes less stable5, and patients experience an increase in light scatter6 – all of which may impact clarity of vision and comfort. Finally, the multifocal contact lens your patients have been waiting for. It delivers crisp, clear vision at all distances and in all lighting conditions, plus all-day comfort.7


Pupil Optimized Design

  • 100% of parameters tailored to pupil size variations across age and refraction^^8
  • Same unique optical design across all ACUVUE® Multifocal contact lenses8
  • 92% of patients successfully fit with first pair at first visit and 96% successfully fit in 2 pairs of lenses or less‡9


TearStable™ Technology

  • Optimizes wetting agent distribution throughout the lens and on the surface10,11,12
  • Prolongs tear film stability10,11,12
  • Delivers 2x lower evaporation rate§10,12


OptiBlue Light Filter**

  • 60% Blue-violet light filtering††10
  • Highest in the industry††10


ACUVUE® OASYS MAX 1-Day Contact Lenses

  • Reduces light scatter‡‡11
  • Reduces halos and starbursts‡‡11

Key Messages for Patients

  • Provides crisp, clear vision at all distances, in all lighting conditions, plus all-day comfort.7
  • Unique optical design8 to help you see near, far, and in-between.7
  • Provides all-day comfort7 and visual clarity, day to night.7
  • Has the highest level blue-violet light filter**,††,10 + Class 1 UV protection.†,¶,12


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Acuvue Oasys MAX 1-Day Multifocal Technical Specifications

Lens Material Senofilcon A
Technology TearStable Technology
OptiBlue Light Filter**
Dk/t12 (edge-corrected) 147
Water Content 38%
Class 1 UV Blocking†¶ Class 1 | 100% UVB and 99.9% UVA12
Center thickness at -3.00D 0.070 mm
Base Cure 8.4 mm
Diameter 14.3 mm
Power Range -9.00D to +6.00D (0.25D steps)
LOW: +0.75D to +1.25D
MID: +1.50D to +1.75D
HIGH: +2.00D to +2.50D
Visibility Tint Yes | Blue-Green10
Inside-Out Mark Yes | 1-2-3
Available Pack Sizes 30 or 90 lenses for prescription
5 lenses for diagnostics